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Types of People During Ramadan 2 (Skit)

Fob's Plan (God's Plan Parody)

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    Another week, another flavor - a little less stranger.


    Co-Hosted by: Faras, Shah-Ameer & Amber


    On the Strange Flavors podcast, we use this platform to listen and learn from "strangers" in hopes to educate or challenge listeners to restructure their viewpoints of other people's opinions, cultures, and/or ways of living.

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    This playlist features the hottest new tracks from Alif Theory artists. Most of these songs are also available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal,  Google Play, and many other streaming services - just search for the artist.

Brown Code Series

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    Brown Code is a comedic series created to educate society on South Asian, or brown culture. As a spin-off of MTV's Guy Code and Girl Code, participants answer questions and attempt to explain reoccurring themes in the culture.


    Season 1 has 4 episodes and Season 2 has 5 episodes.


    The series was created by Farosty, Shimmer & Ayeekhan. Editing and music was done by Farosty.

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