Our Theory

Alif Theory is a revolutionary media brand that is both created by and presented to vibrant minds who are unafraid to start. With these intentions, our theory quite literally begins with the first letter of the Arabic/Urdu alphabet, also know as Alif. This name proudly ties together our cultural roots with the idea of starting something from the beginning.


It is not difficult to express ideas, but turning them into reality requires much more commitment. Sometimes we as creators tend to excuse ourselves because we “don’t have the right equipment,” we “don’t know the right people,” or we “don’t live in LA” and have opportunities at our feet.


At Alif Theory, we believe in creating our own opportunities using the resources that are available in order to build a vision in its entirety. We trust in utilizing every drop of talent and passion to ensure we make strong connections with those that believe in our work. We often hear that a change in location, circumstances, or resources will help someone start on their dreams, but we don’t believe it matters where or what you come from, but rather what you do while you’re there.


WHEN and WHERE are you willing to start? . . . NOW and HERE.


That’s our theory. What’s yours?

Introducing, Faras Aamir (Farosty), co-founder of Alif Theory. Faras was born in the vibrant city of Lahore, Pakistan and immigrated to the United States at the young age of 6 years old. From the beginning, he had a liking for the arts and a strong eye for capturing beauty infusing multiple cultures.  He was the mastermind behind the YouTube channel RwnlPwnl, which started as a hobby in his early childhood but ended up accumulating millions of views across many social media platforms. Since then, he received coverage on international television and radio shows, newspapers and magazines, and even an award from the former Governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley for “promoting social change through entertaining videos.” He is self-taught and spent his time expanding his knowledge and expertise in various dimensions of the field. From writing poetry and engineering music to producing videos and designing graphics, he has a true passion and love for creating art.



Meet Farosty

Meet Shimmer

Introducing Shah-Ameer Wali (Shimmer), also a co-founder of Alif Theory.  A musician at heart, Shah-Ameer has actively played as a drummer and bassist in multiple bands throughout his childhood. Shah-Ameer has also been making films since the age of 10 with whatever equipment he could get his hands on. Along with music and film, he also has the “brains” for technology. Shah-Ameer achieved 1st place and earned a win at a Tech Startup Competition against one hundred other teams. Shah-Ameer, and team, built on the idea of translating sign language into English using the Xbox Kinect. In 2016, he crossed paths with Faras, who at the time was performing at his University. The two quickly hit it off sharing many commonalities and similar artistic tastes. Soon they became good friends, and Shah-Ameer officially joined the RwnlPwnl crew. The dynamic duo went on to performing lively concerts and being invited to do shows all over the country. Positive feedback and loyal fans inspired the two to develop Alif Theory, which stands today as a collective brand to represent who they are as well as those who believe in the same concepts and goals.


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